WebDesign Prices

We handle our pricing policy contrary to the usual approach for services in this industry and disclose our web design prices, which also serve as the basis to our offers.

The web design prices presented here are based on three basic pricing models with the price packages named Standard, Pro and Business.







S= Standard
P= Pro
B= Business








Installation Deiner Webseite: Auf einem Server mit hinterlegter URL
Responsive design: Your pages are optimized for PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Corporate Design: Logo and colors of your company will be adapted to your website

Establishment of text and image material

4 pages included: For the pages Home, Privacy, Imprint and Contact.

Image slider: A slider allows the display of multiple images on one layer.

Photo gallery: Your website gets a photo gallery with up to 20 pictures. Each additional image 5,- Euro. 

SSL Encryption: Set up and assign an SSL certificate to your domain. 

Installation of PlugIns: For stabilization and optimization of page speed. 

8 pages included: For additional pages like About Us, References or Photo Gallery. 

Photo gallery: Your website gets a photo gallery with up to 50 pictures. Each additional image 3.50 euros. 

12 pages included: For additional pages like About Us, References or Photo Gallery. 

Advanced Photo Gallery: Your website gets a photo gallery with up to 100 pictures. Each additional image 2,- Euro. 

12 months support: Your website will be regularly checked for current updates and updated. After that 120,- Euro per year. 

WebShop: Incl. payment & shipping options, up to 5 products (each additional product plus 25,- Euro) with up to 2 variants to one variable each. 

WebShop: Incl. the payment options PayPal, invoice and prepayment. Plus 250,- Euro for credit card, SOFORT & direct debit. 


Du möchtest es noch genauer wissen? Dann nutze unseren Preis-Rechner und kalkuliere den Preis Deiner Webseite selbst.

Note: In exceptional cases and by agreement, we also work on an hourly basis, in deviation from our prices shown here.

Here the hourly rate is 120,- Euro. 

Der Ablauf

Execution / Payment


After a first conversation and initial information sent to us by email, you will receive a formal offer from us.


Your order for the creation of a homepage or a web store will first be executed on one of our subdomains, whose link we will send you after placing the order. This way you can constantly follow our work and delegate it if necessary.


After the work for the creation of your service order, for the creation of a homepage is completed, you will receive an invoice from us. The invoice amount will not differ more than 5% from the previously prepared offer.

What is Corporate Design?

Corporate design is included in every one of our offerings.

The identity of a company is reflected on the design of your business stationery, advertising materials, packaging or product design. This should also be communicated through your company website so.

This includes above all the colors of your company and the integration of your company logo. But also that your website is not just any copy of another website.

What does "pages included"

Every website includes the homepage, the imprint and a privacy policy..

We already offer this requirement in our Standard Package. In addition, another page is possible in this package, such as for “services” or “about us”. Any additional page beyond that, we offer in this package for the price of 50,- Euro.

In the packages Pro and Business up to 8 or 12 additional pages are included. each additional page we offer here at a price of 35,- Euro.

What offers 1 year support

On completion of all work, the following services are included in the annual support subscription:

  • Phone and email support, as well as monitoring of WordPress, plugins, and themes for updates or possible bugs.
  • In addition, a monthly backup of the website is performed so that it can be restored at short notice in the event of an outage or hacker attack.
  • Furthermore, small changes in the content, already existing pages, such as the addition, replacement or removal of up to 2 images and up to 2 text passages weekly included.

This service is included in our Business package for one year and optionally available for our Standard and Pro packages.

What are advanced payment options

Online payment options can be divided into two groups.

  1. Group: These are payment options, such as credit card payment, SEPA direct debit or SOFORT. For these payment options is a so-called online payment service that mediates between you and your customers the payments.
  2. Group: These are payment options, such as bank transfer, payment on collection or prepayment. These payment options do not require an online payment service.