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Nowadays, in an increasingly digital age, almost no progressive company can do without expanding the online presence of its services and its products.

The neu-protec web design company offers compelling web design services, top-notch web stores, user-friendly websites as well as reader-friendly blogs. In addition, the web design company enables its customers to offer high-quality web development, advanced e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization and CMS solutions.

The services are aimed at individuals as well as companies from all market segments. The web design company ensures a perfect service, which is tailored to the needs of the customer. Thanks to a long-term and successful cooperation with other companies, the company has already successfully realized numerous projects.

The created websites convince by uniqueness and the online stores inspire by best possible customer orientation. The advertisement as well as member portals are technically up to date and enable a wide range of functionality.
The company’s web designer follows a successful strategy. He offers tailor-made services, which convince through creativity as well as through excellent professional competence.

Corporate Design

Thanks to corporate design, efficient web solutions are created in cooperation with corporate clients. The offers created by the web designer have a developmental effect on the respective company productivity. The services stimulate changes as well as sales growth.

The appearance of each website appears uniform with corporate design and unmistakably embodies the respective corporate culture. Each Online Shop (Onlineshop) has a distinctive commercial design. Each web store (webshop) has an appealing appearance.

The websites have numerous functions

Customers of online stores created by neu-protec Webdesign can use all payment as well as shipping options immediately after creation. The customers can choose from different product variants, sizes, colors as well as materials.

Directly after the order, the customers receive an automatically generated invoice. The online stores offer a convenient overview of all customer information, orders placed and payments received.

In addition, each online store has a shopping cart, a checkout, a wish list, and high-quality account management. The tracking of past orders is ensured at all times.

The general terms and conditions are data protection compliant and correspond exactly to the requirements of the German as well as those of the European market.

A multi-stage analysis makes a professional website possible

In the first phase, the customer’s concerns are clarified. Only after that, the elaboration of a provisional layout is started. The web designer’s working method is characterized by the highest possible transparency, because the preliminary design is sent to the customers for review. Only after the interested parties have approved the design, the designer starts working out the final design.

The website development phase marks the final stage of this process. Approved designs from clients are used by the designer to conceptualize the website. Finally, he codes the final design and checks the completed website. Now the web presence is established with a new website.

Attractive price-performance ratio

The price-performance ratio is demand-oriented and attractive. In a time appropriate to the service, the customers receive quality services. The company offers to the customers the three price offers “Standard”, “Pro” and “Business”.

Each design is individually as well as perfectly tailored to the different customer needs. The services are fully tailored to the various concerns of each business.

The majority of the web projects that neu-protec Webdesign realizes cost around 499 Euro. In case of greater complexity and more demanding functionality, the prices increase.

What distinguishes neu-protec Webdesign?

In a time appropriate to the service, customers are offered high-quality services at an attractive price-performance ratio. At the beginning, the company clarifies the customer’s ideas on the basis of a conversation. Using the brand of the client company, the designer designs creative digital experiences.

The emotions thus conveyed always appear coherent and are in harmony with the service offerings. The artistic implementation is fully oriented to the requirements of the target market. At any time the web presence convinces and inspires the prospective customers.

The designer creates the internet pages of the buyers like an artistically oriented architect. He creates an extraordinary aesthetic that perfectly represents the client’s brand. Visitors are delighted with the content as well as the design of the website. The compelling online presence creates customer loyalty and clicks to the website increase.

The designer implements the client’s concerns by applying research-driven design strategies. The layout of the website should be tailored to client needs. When designing homepages, user experiences provide important clues and these enable higher placement in search results of established search engines. If the website is liked, casual visitors become interested followers.

The website allows users to interact with the company brand’s digital content. The web design company offers a digital partnership with businesses from the planning phase to the completion of the websites.

The designer enables its buyers to do more than just put together colors, design elements as well as features. With each project, a story is told that moves and is remembered as unique.

5-stage creation process

Customers should be convinced by the final product. Therefore, the designer implements a 5-step process approach in his work: this starts with strategic planning, followed by concept creation, front-end programming, and quality assurance testing. The final launch of the website concludes the process.

The time frame of a project depends on several factors. In particular, the size of the work as well as the desired functions determine the duration of the production process.
Client transparency is a major concern for the designer.

Interested parties know the current status of each project throughout the manufacturing process. With his products and with an appropriate commitment, the web designer guarantees the greatest possible customer satisfaction.

The final product is visually convincing at all times and is immediately found on the web. The users of a homepage should stay as long as possible on the created website and interact with the offers as well as with the functions of this homepage. This user engagement is of utmost importance with regard to search engine optimization.

Interesting offers regarding web hosting

The company provides its customers with full transparency in this regard as well. The company offers its buyers to cooperate with a desired provider. Moreover, the company takes care of the search for a suitable service provider.

State-of-the-art development tools

The web designer always uses the latest technological achievements for the service offers. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are mostly used for the design development.

The development work is done using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. For content-oriented websites, the designer prefers to use the WordPress content management system.

His excellent professional knowledge is always noticeable. He uses a wide range of skills to meet the needs and wishes of clients at all times.


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