Is your WordPress website GDPR compliant?

GDPR - Die Datenschutzerklärung

In recent days, there has been a lot of excitement in the online community, especially WordPress, about the new GDPR data protection law that comes into effect on May 25, 2018. WordPress website owners are urged to take steps to comply before that date.

So what exactly do you need to do to make sure my WordPress is compliant with the new GDPR laws?

Make sure your WordPress has been updated to the latest version, which includes some new features to support the recent law changes.

Update your site with the privacy policy to comply with the latest requirements.

Be sure to include a line stating that a user can request the deletion/updating of all his/her personal data or a copy of the data you have stored.

Install a Cookie Policy pop-up notice and link it to your newly updated Privacy Policy page.

If possible, send an email to all your existing users giving them the option to unsubscribe from further marketing emails.
There is also a document created by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) that provides an easy to follow 12 step guide that you can download here

Webdezign is also working with clients to update their GDPR policies for their eCommerce platforms, including Magento 1 and 2, for which a brand new plugin has been developed to meet online shopping requirements that are more complex than a static WordPress website that only has a simple contact form.

In order to comply with the latest privacy laws for online shopping, it is a bit more complicated as users must be able to delete, change or request any information stored about them at any time. The paid plugin and associated integration work, as well as writing a new privacy policy and updating terms and conditions, should now be available on these sites in most cases.

User Account Profile Registration Concept

Should you need help identifying and implementing these GDPR changes, Active Webdezign and its team are up to date and can help you implement the required changes. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a large business, you need to take action to avoid potential fines.

So don’t delay and contact us today to speak with us or to help you with your updates. Mike (who you can reach directly by email at will be happy to talk to you about your concerns without any obligation to update. We’ve even updated all of our client sites to the latest WordPress version at no additional cost to ensure that all of our clients are using the most current and compliant version of WordPress – so half the work is done.


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