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If you’re a freelance creative or work in a development agency and are looking for an integrated tool for project management, collaboration, or support, these four free and premium plugins are a good place to start.

WP Customer Area

WP Customer Area is a free customer area solution that focuses on private content management and file sharing. Current features include:

  • Secured customer area, with user access via log-in
  • Private pages and files that can be assigned to specific users and listed only in the customer area
  • Grouping private files by category and year
  • Comments on private files and pages
  • Customize the look and feel of the plugin with custom themes and templates

WP Customer Area is available for free through the WordPress Theme Directory, premium plugin extensions and bundles are available through the website, however. Extensions include:

  • Protect post types to keep external content private
  • Advanced custom field integration to leverage the power of ACF
  • Owner restrictions for enhanced publishing rights and control
  • Conversations for private messaging
  • Managed groups for user groups led by managers

WHMCS Client Area for WordPress

Integrate orders, invoices, support and all other client management operations in WordPress with WHMCS Client Area plugin via CodeCanyon. This integration is designed to provide your customers with a user-friendly and consistent client experience, while giving you full control over what you want to display.

WHMCS Client Area for WordPress is available for a regular license fee of just $28. It works with any WP theme, is SEO friendly, and offers single sign ons for ease of use.

WordPress Hide Admin Menu

With a user-friendly interface, WordPress Hide Admin Menu provides an easy way to create a simplified menu for your clients and users while hiding important information you don’t want them to access. You can customize the menu by user role and just need to check the appropriate boxes. It’s simple!

WordPress Hide Admin Menu is available for a regular license fee of only $29 at Code Canyon and is compatible with WordPress MultiSite.

Client Dash

Want to take control of your WordPress dashboard and improve the user experience for your clients? Client Dash is designed to do just that – it offers a range of powerful features to simplify and customize your WP dashboard:

  • Customize the WordPress admin menu with the built-in drag-and-drop menu system
  • Create new dashboard widgets with large buttons that direct users to these new pages
  • Restrict access to client dashboard page content for specific roles

Client Dash is available for FREE through the WordPress Plugins Directory.

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