A successful B2B webshop has these 5 characteristics


B2B buyers know exactly what they want. They are very demanding and expect you to understand their needs intellectually, emotionally and financially when running a B2B web store. Moreover, they are always looking for a positive shopping experience. That means they want clear price lists, accurate information, and easy catalog browsing.

They also want an offer and service tailored specifically to them, and for you to be easily accessible and engaging, especially at the time of delivery. So it’s not surprising that more than 70% of them make the purchase decision based on the user experience provided. Putting all these facts into the context of online selling, it becomes clear why a B2B web store is often a challenge for B2B companies.

How do you attract buyers to a B2B web store, how do you keep them, and at the same time provide a unique online shopping experience? The answers to these questions can be found in these features that a successful web store should have.

1 Responsive Design

Research has shown that more than 50% of B2B buyers are willing to pay more for a product if the positive shopping experience justifies the high price. One of the most important components to create such an experience is an attractive, fast and responsive design of a B2B web store.

After all, first impressions are extremely important in online sales. If a buyer is not impressed when he sees the content of a web store for the first time, he may leave the web store in a few seconds and start browsing the competitors’ offers.

Outdated graphics, page breaks that don’t work on smartphones, and visuals that have nothing in common with the company’s corporate identity are oversights that can make a B2B web store unattractive and even off-putting to buyers.

But more importantly, your customers want to have an online experience without hiccups, regardless of what device they’re using. A B2B web store that offers easy catalog browsing and quick order creation, even on mobile devices, makes the process so much easier for B2B buyers who are “on the go” every day.

2 Special benefits and discounts

B2B Online Web ShopOnce they find the product they want, B2B buyers want to create their order easily and quickly.The key element to ordering products on their own in a B2B web store is having visibility into a real-time inventory status. Fully integrated eCommerce solutions enable exactly that, making it impossible for the customer to order a product that is currently unavailable.

Moreover, an integrated B2B web store guarantees that a customer will create an order according to the agreed terms of cooperation, such as an agreed order maximum or minimum. These systems also display other specific terms, such as customer-specific price lists or special discounts.

3 Personalized content

A successful B2B web store always provides a personalized shopping experience, and integrated B2B eCommerce solutions are a great help. These solutions provide content that is completely customized to each customer’s needs. Even the product display differs from customer to customer, depending on what the buyer is interested in or might be interested in. This web store also displays personalized prices, discounts and deals, which makes choosing the right product that much easier. This makes online shopping easy and fast, and customers are more satisfied.

The integrated B2B web store tracks each customer’s behavior and offers related and alternative products when needed. Buyers can also add comments to their orders and ask questions via live chat. All this information helps B2B companies understand their buyers’ needs and offer them content they really want to see.

4 Create orders on your own without the help of a sales team

B2B buyers choose to buy from a web store because they want easier shopping, readily available catalogs and price lists, and fast and accurate information about inventory. And if buyers always need the help of the sales team, then the whole concept of buying online simply fails.

An interesting example and well worth noting, is the world’s, arguably most successful web store called Amazon. Here, too, B2B business is conducted.

With the integrated B2B eCommerce system, your B2B webshop becomes a self-service platform that automates sales and guarantees a unique shopping experience for the customer. This is because the integrated B2B web store is powered directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, making it very easy to enter and modify product information. With a much simpler implementation, these solutions provide 100% data accuracy across two business systems.

Moreover, they offer significant time savings for your B2B buyers, who can easily find the desired items using the available search filters already defined in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. Thus, the B2B web store guides the buyer to a product that meets his needs and expectations.

5 Easily manage returns

The human factor is the most common error that occurs during orders.If such errors are not corrected and handled in time, they really ruin the user experience for B2B buyers.

The integrated B2B web store not only provides insight into real-time inventory information, but also allows buyers to create orders from existing orders. This allows any B2B customer to repeat an order they were satisfied with in the past with just a few clicks.

Also, if there is an error in the order, the integrated B2B web store allows for much faster and painless solutions. These solutions also allow online returns, which is a much easier option for the buyer.

Research has shown that nearly 60% of shoppers prefer the online approach for information about returns. Moreover, a third of them are more likely to choose a B2B web store that offers the option of online returns.

Are you looking for a high-quality B2B eCommerce platform that will provide your customers with a unique shopping experience? Contact us today to be presented with the best solutions for a successful B2B web store.

Also check out our demo shop or our references and let us convince you of our services.


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